Vol.6- Monthly Package

Reference: Vol.6- Monthly Package


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  1. September Cover Page + Duplicate Color Page with No “September”
  2. (10) Unique Mandalas
  3. (5) Patterned Pages
  4. Psychedelic Butterfly
  5. Mushrooms in the Sun
  6. Sugar Skull
  7. Pirate’s Parot
  8. Old Timey Pirate
  9. Pirate Ship
  10. “Always Be Yourself Unless You Can Be A Pirate”
  11. “There Is More Treasure In Books Thank In All The Pirate’s Loot On Treasure Island” – Walt Disney
  12. “Where There Is A Sea, There Are Pirates” – Greek Proverb
  13. “Life’s Pretty Good, And Why Wouldn’t It Be? I’m A Pirate, After All.” – Johnny Depp
  14. “Not All Treasure’s Silver And Gold, Mate” – Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean
  15.  September Calendar with Pirate Ship
  16. Gratitude Page with Pirate Parrot
  17. Weekly Calendar with Old Timey Pirate
  18. September Menu with Old Timey Pirate
  19. Daily Planner with Pirate Parrot

Calendars do not have the date on them. They simply say “September”

Vol.6- Monthly Package

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